What you will learn

In order to thrive as a business, you need to get the right message to the right audience. And nowadays that takes place primarily online. Your ambition may be big and clear, but without the right digital skills, it is completely out of reach. And it’s not just about what you can do either - it’s also about what the world knows you can do.

At this program you will learn digital marketing best practices and principles from experts who have extensive real-world experience in the field. Through practical examples, you will learn how to work with clients and what successful companies require when it comes to their presence in the online world. How to customize your message and what are the best channels to promote your brand or the company you work for. We give you the skills and insight to drive the change. To be the change.

- Lectures in Belgrade, Serbia, are held once a week from 17:30 to 21:00 for five months.

- Lectures in Podgorica, Montenegro, are held once a month (Saturday and Sunday from 09:00 to 17:00, for five months) at the hotel CUE.

- Lectures in Ljubljana, Slovenia, are held once a month (Saturday and Sunday from 09:00 to 17:00, for five months) at the hotel Slon.

Note: At the end of the program, regular participants will receive an official certificate from the Molèn Creative Academy.

To apply to Digital Marketing and Account Management Academy, you need to send as an e-mail at [email protected] with subject Digital Marketing and Account Management. Classes start at September 25, 2021.



1. Digital Strategy
- What is digital strategy?
- Strategy framework
- Your story is a brand story
- Who is your target audience?
- Omnichannel Marketing
- Content Strategy
- Resource Plan
- Case Study

2. Key Performance Indicators & Reporting
- KPI framework
- Digital Marketing Metrics
- Paid Advertising Metrics
- SEO Metrics
- CRM Metrics
- WEB & E-commerce Metrics
- Google Manager
- KPI's Effective Communication

3. Content Marketing
- Content Marketing Value
- Content Strategy Creation
- Successful Narrative Structures
- Bad Strategy vs. Good Strategy

4. Social Media Marketing
- SM Types and Formats (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google, You Tube)
- Budget Planning
- Advertising Effectivness

5. E-mail Marketing
- E-mail Marketing Concept
- Planning and testing of Advertising E-mails
- Contact Base
- Automation of E-mail Marketing Campaigns
- Benchmarks

6. E-commerce

- Webshop Strategy
- Choosing the right platform
- Digital Marketing for E-commece


Ukoliko želite uspeti u biznisu, potrebno je da pravu poruku prenesete pravoj publici. U današnje vreme, to se uglavnom dešava online. Vaša ambicija može biti velika i jasna, ali bez pravih digitalnih veština, ona je potpuno van domašaja. Nije stvar samo u tome šta možete uraditi - već i u tome šta svet zna da možete uraditi.

Naučite najbolje prakse i principe digitalnog marketinga od stručnjaka koji imaju obimno iskustvo u ovoj oblasti.

Dajemo vam veštine i uvid da potaknete promene. Da budete promena.

7. Copywriting
- Inborn vs. acquired creativity
- The role of copywriting in adverising
- Slogans and messages
- Scenario
- Brand Creation

8. Fotography on Social Media

- Developing a Visual Strategy for Social Media Channels
- Lights, Focus and Composition
- Editing Softwares

9. Account Management


1. Digitalna Strategija
2. Ključni indikatori performansi i izveštavanje
3. Content marketing
4. Oglašavanje na društvenim mrežama
5. E-mail marketing
6. E-commerce
7. Copywriting
8. Photography on Social Media
9. Account management

Prices and Packages

Digital Marketingand Account Management


Digital Marketing
and Account Management

Price 1600 EUR 
Possible to pay in 5 equal installments

Graphic Design and Advertising+ Digital Marketing and Account Management


Graphic Design and Advertising
+ Digital Marketing and Account Management

Price 2600 EUR
Possible to pay in 10 equal installments

Marketing and Brand Management+Digital Marketing and Account Management


Marketing and Brand Management
+Digital Marketing and Account Management

Price 2400 EUR 
Possible to pay in 10 equal installments