What you will learn

Academy of Web Design will help you gain a comprehensive skill set in contemporary interaction design that will prepare you for careers in many industries including the tech industry—one of the most vibrant, multifaceted, and expansive industries in the world. The programme blends art direction and design contents with solid technical skills and an in-depth background in visual communication.

We teach an integrated approach based on four fundamentals: design thinking, visual communication, user experience, and technology. If you’re ready to create the future, our unparalleled training environment is for you.

Note: Due to the quality of classes and workshops, the number of places is limited to two groups of 10 people.

In order to apply to this academy, you need to send your CV on contact@molencreativeacademy.com with subject WEB Design. Classes start on October 06, 2020



Akademija za web dizajn će vam pomoći da steknete sveobuhvatni set veština u savremenom dizajnu interakcija koji će vas pripremiti za karijeru u mnogim industrijama, uključujući i IT industriju - jednu od najživopisnijih, najraznovrsnijih i najekspanzivnijih industrija u svetu. Program spaja umetnički pravac sa čvrstim tehničkim veštinama i dubinskom pozadinom vizuelne komunikacije. Na Akademiji za web design naučićete načine izrade i postavljanja web prezentacija, kao i osnove jezika HTML.

Predajemo integrisani pristup zasnovan na četiri osnove: dizajnersko razmišljanje, vizuelna komunikacija, korisničko iskustvo i tehnologija. Ako ste spremni da kreirate budućnost, mi smo spremni da vam pomognemo u tome.


1. Introduction to Web Design
- Visual Concept

- All HTML Tags
- All CSS Properties
- Planning a Web Site Design
- Semantics on the web
- Images and Hyperlinks
- Working with page structure
- Page Layout Design and Planning
- Building Forms with Validation
- Building a Complete Website

3. UX/UI Design
- Research
- Product Strategy
- Creating User Stories
- Information Architecture
- Creating Flowcharts
- Wireframes
- Adobe XD
- Moodboards
- Creating Visual Design Language
- Creating Graphic Assets
- High Fidelity Mockups
- Clickable Prototypes
- Documentation and HandOff

4. Adobe Photoshop for Web
- Using libraries
- Responsive design tips and tricks
- Setting breakpoints
- Creating navigation elements
- Creating textures and backgrounds
- Embedding or linking smart objects
- Making custom templates
- Creating reusable UI elements
- Saving and exporting for the web
- Using Generator

5. Adobe Illustrator for Web
- Creating a Wireframe
- Logo Design
- Webpage Mockups
- SVGs - Save for the Web

Prices and Packages

Web Design


Web Design

Price 1700 EUR 1190 EUR
Possible to pay in 5 equal installments

Graphic Design and Advertising+ Web Design


Graphic Design and Advertising
+ Web Design

Price 2800 EUR 1960 EUR
Possible to pay in 10 equal installments